Ètienne -part nine-

Ètienne got out of bed and put on the TV and listened to the cooking channel as she made herself breakfast. She sat down to eat in front of the TV and thought to herself that she would want to have another person to eat breakfast with. And she thought of Connor Frio. Would it be weird to pay him a visit? But she didn’t know where he lived. Maybe she could ask someone? But who?


Ètienne decided to go to the park. Maybe she would meet someone there who could tell her where he lived. She sat in her car and drew away with the radio on. It wasn’t far and she parked her car behind the supermarket. She crossed the road to get to the park. She looked around and saw a number of people. On the fountain she saw Connor Frio sitting relaxed reading a book. Ètienne thought that this was her lucky day and she walked straight to him.


Ètienne: “Hello”

Connor looked up and their eyes met. Ètienne blushed and was thinking of what to say next.

Connor: “Hello”

Ètienne: “Um… hi, I’m Etti and um… what are you reading?”

Connor: “Murder in Pleasantview”

Ètienne: “Oh that is a really good one, you never thought the daughter was the murderer”

Connor sighed and closed the book. Ètienne realized her mistake and blushed again.

Ètienne: “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to… I’m sorry”

Connor: “It’s fine”

Ètienne: “I saw you the other day reading a book too…do you like books?”

Connor: “Yes”

Ètienne: “So do I!” Ètienne tried to smile but you could tell she was flustered.

Ètienne: “What do you do for a living?”

Connor: “I’m in journalism”

Ètienne:  “That must be exiting”

Connor: “It isn’t”

Ètienne: “Oh…”

Connor: “Well, it was nice to meet you” Connor stood up and started to walk away but Ètienne wouldn’t budge.

Ètienne: “Do you want to eat lunch sometime…maybe?”

Connor turned around and said: “I’m not sure what is going on here, but I’m not interested” Ètienne looked down with a sad face and Connor sighed again.

Connor: “I’m sure you are a nice person but I’m not interested in any kind of relationships”

Ètienne mumbled while still looking at the ground: “I’m sorry”

Connor: “Just a cup of coffee then” If there was something that made Connor feel uncomfortable it was a womans sad face. He couldn’t say no.

Ètienne got a little hope and her face lit up: “Great! I’ll meet you at the bistro at seven then”

Connor: “Sure, goodbye” Connor walked away and Ètienne walked back to her car. She decided that she wanted a new outfit for the date so she drove to the salon to get a makeover.


The stylist: Well we can’t do much with that hair… but boy do we have a lot of work ahead of us. I have so many ideas. Here try this on!” The stylist threw different pieces of clothes at her to try on. This was going to take some time…

Ètienne -part eight-

It was dark and cold. She heard the dripping sounds of water hitting the ground.

Ètienne woke up. She was lying in her bed and in a flash she remembered last night. They had walked into the mausoleum, down a staircase and into a darker and colder underground path. The only sound was their breath and footsteps. They couldn’t see a thing. And then suddenly, a light in the distance. A glowing, glittering light. Someone was there…


When they got out of the mausoleum covered with dirt and had spider web in their hair, Amanda had taken Ètiennes hand and they walked out from the graveyard  back to Ètiennes car. They leaned back on the side of the car and watched the sun come up. They had been lost in the mausoleum for hours and the light of the dawn stung their eyes.


“Can I drive you home?” Ètienne had said. But Amanda replied that she would walk. So Ètienne sat down in the car and drove away. She saw Amanda in the back mirror waving goodbye.


Ètienne sat up in her bed and blinked a couple of times. What was that they saw? A ghost? But Ètienne didn’t believe in ghosts.  So she let it go...

Ètienne -part seven-

The hours went by slowly and at 11pm Ètienne decided it was time to go. She took the car she hardly ever used. It was small and slow but it worked just fine. Well at the gate she looked around. It was a clear night and the full moon shined brightly. She heard some cicadas at a distance.


“Wow, you are really rocking that hair Etti. Way to go” Amanda came walking along the sidewalk. “Do you believe in ghosts?” She whispered when she reached Ètienne.


Ètienne: “No, I don’t”


Amanda: “Oh really? Well we are going to see some tonight. I bet you are too scared to go into the mausoleum”


Ètienne: “I’m not scared, I’ll go first” Ètienne walked through the gate, past all the tombstones and right up to the mausoleum.  Amanda followed her with a smile on her face and Ètienne could feel it through her back. Ètienne stopped at the door and took a deep breath. She opened the door and along with Amanda she walked in…

Ètienne -part six-

Meet me at the graveyard gate at midnight Amanda had said before she walked away. Ètienne had rushed home forgetting all about her plans for the day. They were going out.  Amanda and herself.  In the middle of the night. You couldn’t explain the kind of rush Ètienne was feeling but for one thing, she wasn’t scared at all.


Ètienne cooked dinner for herself but couldn’t eat a thing. She put the leftovers in the refrigerator and sat down on the couch, looking at the clock each and every minute. After about half an hour she decided she had to do something to make the time pass. It was six hours left until midnight. She put on the TV on a high volume and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Ètienne liked to have the TV on because it made her feel less lonely. The water was hot and when she was done the whole bathroom was steamy. She wiped the mirror off and looked at herself. She wanted a change. Something bold and brave.


A haircut, she thought as she went out to the kitchen in just her robe. She looked in every drawer and found a pair of scissors in the last place she looked. Without hesitating she closed her eyes and cut her hair off. She opened her eyes slowly. It was all uneven but it was done. She went back into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. She trimmed her hair into a short do. It looked good she thought and giggled…

Ètienne -part five-

Ètienne stared almost enchanted by the scene in front of her. She had passed by him a number of times before but never really seen him.  Ètienne looked at Connor in a daze when someone suddenly tapped her on her shoulder.


“Hey mate” Amanda leaned forward and smiled. “How you been?”

Ètienne was stunned and her eyes grew big.

Amanda: “Hello, anyone home?”

Ètienne: “Are you teasing me?”

Amanda: “Yes you dummy. Are you ready for another adventure?” Amanda had a glow in her eyes and you could tell she was exited.

Ètienne: “Where are we going?”

“To the graveyard” Amanda used a spooky voice and a chill went down Ètiennes spine...

Ètienne -part four-

Ètienne walked down the street, held her head down low as usual. When Vita Alto opened her big mouth:  “Can you believe those Bunch kids? I’m sure it was them at the pool. That Lisa is out of control. It’s shameful. I would NEVER let my Holly do such things. It is just bad parenting in my opinion.”


Ètienne thought that this is an awful woman but when she opened her mouth to agree with her (because that’s what she always does) the words that came out wasn’t what she expected.


Ètienne: “No one wants to know your opinion.”


Vita Alto looked as shocked. How dare this girl cross her? When she opened her mouth to speak, and of course it would have been something mean and insensitive, Ètienne turned around and walked away. Leaving Vita stunned.


Ètienne kept going, trying her hardest not to look back and see Vitas furious face expression. She tripped on a stone on the ground and barely kept her balance. Relieved she looked up with a smile and saw him. It was like the world started going in slow motion when she saw him right outside of the bookstore. Connor Frio, flipping through a book…

Ètienne -part three-

The next day the neighbors started whispering about a mysterious event that happened last night. Someone was seen swimming naked in the public pool and ran off when policeman Hank showed up. Who were these irresponsible, childish people? Ètienne nodded and agreed whenever they talked to her about it. Not saying she was the very one seen last night. It was a secret between her and Amanda. Something only they knew. And it was exiting.


When Ètienne though about last night she realized that she knew nothing about Amanda. Where did she live?  What was her last name? What does she like? What doesn't she like? She knew one thing though, Amanda would come and go as she pleased...

Ètienne -part two-

They walked togheter all the way to the pool. It was  empty and the only light came from the lamps down the street. It was a clear and warm night. They took their clothes off and with a scream of joy they jumped in.

"Well Etti, was it worth it?" Amanda said and winked.

Ètienne: "The water is so cold!"

Amanda: "What did you expect? They don't heat it at night" Amanda laughed and dipped hear head under the water. Little bubbles came to the surface and Ètienne laughed as well. They swam together until they heard a car and saw a red and blue blinking light.


Amanda: "Time to get up mate! " They got up from the water and put their clothes on quickly withouth drying off. And they ran, as fast as they could and they heard the policemans voice: "Hey, stay right there!"


They ran all the way to Ètiennes house and at the door Amanda stopped.


"Sweet dreams Etti" She said.

Ètienne: "Where are you going? Don't you want to come in? I have towels"

Amanda just smiled and then walked away.

Ètienne said to her back: "I had fun!"  Amanda raised a hand as goodbye and Ètienne smiled. She never had this fun in her whole life, she though as she opened the door and walked in. It was early in the morning when Ètienne finally went to bed ad she fell asleep right away when her head hit the pillow. She slept until noon...

Ètienne -part one-

She wore her glasses everyday, to hide her plain eyes. She was told since she was little that she wasn't special at all. They teased her at school and she went to prom alone. Somehow they always though she was diffrent and she never fitted in anywhere.


Her name is Étienne.  She grew up in Champs Les Sims, in a small but wealthy family of four. Her father, Jean Bordeaux,  was a huge name in the business world and he owned his own nektar factory. He was very strict but fair.  Ètienns mother, Annette Bordeaux, was a housewife with class. She loved expensive clothes and jewlery. Her garden was impeccable. They got married quickly when Annette unexpectedly got pregnant. When Ètienne was born they where both disapointed to have a baby girl. They would have wanted a boy to take over the family business. Two years later little Charles arrived. They loved the baby boy and Ètienne was neglected. She could never live up to Charles. The years went by and Ètienne felt like she didn't belong in this family and on her 20th birthday she decided to move away far from where she came from. Even though Ètienne decided to leave the Bordeaux family her father wanted to make sure she had a good life, so he sent her a little starting out fund. Ètienne sat on the square in Champs Les Sims and wondered where she would go now when a tourist came up to her to ask for directions. He was one of those old men who likes to talk and he told her all about where he came from and how he ended up here. She though his home sounded wonderful and so the destination was final... she was headed to Sunset valley.


*the story begins*


She was out walking one day and ran into a person outside of the town hall. She apologized quickly and looked up in this persons face. She was beautiful. The beautiful person:  "No no! So sorry it was my fault, I was spacing out. God, can you believe my clumsyness. It's like I'm an alien or something...Hey what's your name?"

Étienne looked down to the ground when she answerd: "It's Étienne"


"Then I will call you Etti, I'm sure we will be good friends. I'm Amanda" Amanda smiled a shining big smile. Like she had no troubles in the world.


Ètienne felt akward when she walked away. Who was that awfully cheery person? Will I see her again?


About a week past, Ètienne often thought of this Amanda and she looked for her everytime she went out. But Amanda wasn't to be found. And after another few weeks Amanda where forgotten.


Ètienne liked her life in Sunset valley. She had a nice house, not to small and not to big. She had enough money to live  life happily without needing a job. Yet there where something missing. Ètienne always lived her life alone, she never had any friends and she never had been in love. Maybe that was the answer of what she was missing, Ètienne though.


Ètienne woke up late at night, around 2 am. She heard a knocking on the window. Did she just imagine it? Still tired she got out of bed and walked bearfoot to the window and looked out. There she was. Amanda with her red hair and pale skin stood right outside in the moonlight. Waiting for her, Ètienne.


Amanda: "Hey mate, time to wake up! Want to go skinny dipping at the public pool?"

Ètienne: " Wont we get in trouble?"

Amanda: "Who cares, live a little!"

Ètienne: "But..."

Amanda: "Come on Etti, lets go! Are you in or out?"


Ètienne paused and thought about it for a few seconds and finally said "Let's go". Maybe this was the start of what she was looking for...

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