Ètienne -part four-

Ètienne walked down the street, held her head down low as usual. When Vita Alto opened her big mouth:  “Can you believe those Bunch kids? I’m sure it was them at the pool. That Lisa is out of control. It’s shameful. I would NEVER let my Holly do such things. It is just bad parenting in my opinion.”


Ètienne thought that this is an awful woman but when she opened her mouth to agree with her (because that’s what she always does) the words that came out wasn’t what she expected.


Ètienne: “No one wants to know your opinion.”


Vita Alto looked as shocked. How dare this girl cross her? When she opened her mouth to speak, and of course it would have been something mean and insensitive, Ètienne turned around and walked away. Leaving Vita stunned.


Ètienne kept going, trying her hardest not to look back and see Vitas furious face expression. She tripped on a stone on the ground and barely kept her balance. Relieved she looked up with a smile and saw him. It was like the world started going in slow motion when she saw him right outside of the bookstore. Connor Frio, flipping through a book…


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