Ètienne -part nine-

Ètienne got out of bed and put on the TV and listened to the cooking channel as she made herself breakfast. She sat down to eat in front of the TV and thought to herself that she would want to have another person to eat breakfast with. And she thought of Connor Frio. Would it be weird to pay him a visit? But she didn’t know where he lived. Maybe she could ask someone? But who?


Ètienne decided to go to the park. Maybe she would meet someone there who could tell her where he lived. She sat in her car and drew away with the radio on. It wasn’t far and she parked her car behind the supermarket. She crossed the road to get to the park. She looked around and saw a number of people. On the fountain she saw Connor Frio sitting relaxed reading a book. Ètienne thought that this was her lucky day and she walked straight to him.


Ètienne: “Hello”

Connor looked up and their eyes met. Ètienne blushed and was thinking of what to say next.

Connor: “Hello”

Ètienne: “Um… hi, I’m Etti and um… what are you reading?”

Connor: “Murder in Pleasantview”

Ètienne: “Oh that is a really good one, you never thought the daughter was the murderer”

Connor sighed and closed the book. Ètienne realized her mistake and blushed again.

Ètienne: “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to… I’m sorry”

Connor: “It’s fine”

Ètienne: “I saw you the other day reading a book too…do you like books?”

Connor: “Yes”

Ètienne: “So do I!” Ètienne tried to smile but you could tell she was flustered.

Ètienne: “What do you do for a living?”

Connor: “I’m in journalism”

Ètienne:  “That must be exiting”

Connor: “It isn’t”

Ètienne: “Oh…”

Connor: “Well, it was nice to meet you” Connor stood up and started to walk away but Ètienne wouldn’t budge.

Ètienne: “Do you want to eat lunch sometime…maybe?”

Connor turned around and said: “I’m not sure what is going on here, but I’m not interested” Ètienne looked down with a sad face and Connor sighed again.

Connor: “I’m sure you are a nice person but I’m not interested in any kind of relationships”

Ètienne mumbled while still looking at the ground: “I’m sorry”

Connor: “Just a cup of coffee then” If there was something that made Connor feel uncomfortable it was a womans sad face. He couldn’t say no.

Ètienne got a little hope and her face lit up: “Great! I’ll meet you at the bistro at seven then”

Connor: “Sure, goodbye” Connor walked away and Ètienne walked back to her car. She decided that she wanted a new outfit for the date so she drove to the salon to get a makeover.


The stylist: Well we can’t do much with that hair… but boy do we have a lot of work ahead of us. I have so many ideas. Here try this on!” The stylist threw different pieces of clothes at her to try on. This was going to take some time…


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