Ètienne -part eight-

It was dark and cold. She heard the dripping sounds of water hitting the ground.

Ètienne woke up. She was lying in her bed and in a flash she remembered last night. They had walked into the mausoleum, down a staircase and into a darker and colder underground path. The only sound was their breath and footsteps. They couldn’t see a thing. And then suddenly, a light in the distance. A glowing, glittering light. Someone was there…


When they got out of the mausoleum covered with dirt and had spider web in their hair, Amanda had taken Ètiennes hand and they walked out from the graveyard  back to Ètiennes car. They leaned back on the side of the car and watched the sun come up. They had been lost in the mausoleum for hours and the light of the dawn stung their eyes.


“Can I drive you home?” Ètienne had said. But Amanda replied that she would walk. So Ètienne sat down in the car and drove away. She saw Amanda in the back mirror waving goodbye.


Ètienne sat up in her bed and blinked a couple of times. What was that they saw? A ghost? But Ètienne didn’t believe in ghosts.  So she let it go...


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