Ètienne -part seven-

The hours went by slowly and at 11pm Ètienne decided it was time to go. She took the car she hardly ever used. It was small and slow but it worked just fine. Well at the gate she looked around. It was a clear night and the full moon shined brightly. She heard some cicadas at a distance.


“Wow, you are really rocking that hair Etti. Way to go” Amanda came walking along the sidewalk. “Do you believe in ghosts?” She whispered when she reached Ètienne.


Ètienne: “No, I don’t”


Amanda: “Oh really? Well we are going to see some tonight. I bet you are too scared to go into the mausoleum”


Ètienne: “I’m not scared, I’ll go first” Ètienne walked through the gate, past all the tombstones and right up to the mausoleum.  Amanda followed her with a smile on her face and Ètienne could feel it through her back. Ètienne stopped at the door and took a deep breath. She opened the door and along with Amanda she walked in…

Postat av: Fredrika

Jättebra! :)

2011-11-12 @ 21:14:30
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Postat av: Swordfish

Tack! :D

2011-11-13 @ 18:55:55

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