Ètienne -part two-

They walked togheter all the way to the pool. It was  empty and the only light came from the lamps down the street. It was a clear and warm night. They took their clothes off and with a scream of joy they jumped in.

"Well Etti, was it worth it?" Amanda said and winked.

Ètienne: "The water is so cold!"

Amanda: "What did you expect? They don't heat it at night" Amanda laughed and dipped hear head under the water. Little bubbles came to the surface and Ètienne laughed as well. They swam together until they heard a car and saw a red and blue blinking light.


Amanda: "Time to get up mate! " They got up from the water and put their clothes on quickly withouth drying off. And they ran, as fast as they could and they heard the policemans voice: "Hey, stay right there!"


They ran all the way to Ètiennes house and at the door Amanda stopped.


"Sweet dreams Etti" She said.

Ètienne: "Where are you going? Don't you want to come in? I have towels"

Amanda just smiled and then walked away.

Ètienne said to her back: "I had fun!"  Amanda raised a hand as goodbye and Ètienne smiled. She never had this fun in her whole life, she though as she opened the door and walked in. It was early in the morning when Ètienne finally went to bed ad she fell asleep right away when her head hit the pillow. She slept until noon...

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Väldigt bra ;3 Vill gärna ha fortsättning :)

2011-10-22 @ 21:16:35
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